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Applying Managerial & Ethical Concepts

Criteria: Apply managerial and ethical concepts to organizational strategy, structure, and culture. 

Evidence: Student artifacts provide extensive evidence of the application of appropriate managerial and analytical methods to issues of organizational strategy. Student artifacts clearly incorporate ethical concepts into their application and discussion of organizational strategy.


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  1. Legal and Ethical Dimensions of Technology was my first graduate course. I took the course in March 2005, not to begin my graduate career, but to augment my own professional development. Based in my interest in the history and systems of psychology, I had assumed the responsibilities associated with research protocol, including the ethical handling of subjects (human and otherwise), managing information web pages, and organizing electronic resources specific to research. Built into each of these areas is the need for vigilant awareness of the ethical implications of manipulating information in general, and variables associated with experimental protocol specifically.

    It is an understatement to say that I found the course fascinating! As is my normal “MO”, I dug into the historical literature, resurfacing only occasionally to formally write a paper.

    This first link (http://www.schoolstreetwest.com/BurnhamAcademic/CT554FinalPaper.pdf) is my final project paper for the course. Titled “An examination of the intended purpose of the progress clause”, I take the reader back to the constitution and its authors in an attempt to tease out the intention(s) of the original framers.

    This second link (http://www.schoolstreetwest.com/BurnhamAcademic/ALLpapersCT554.pdf) is one big file containing all of the papers I wrote in the course. Titles include: “Human flourishing”; “Censorship and the first amendment”; “Intellectual property and copyright law: Society v the individual”; and “Privacy as a function of the sense of freedom”. The final paper is also included in the file.

    Comment by Colleen Burnham — March 25, 2009 @ 8:10 pm

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