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Assessing Economic Trends

Criteria: Assess the impact of regional, national, and global economic trends on business and society.

Evidence: Student artifacts include extensive examples of the ability to assess regional, national and global economic trends on business and society. Examples demonstrate a significant appreciation of the relationship of these three levels of economic trends on the business environment.


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  1. The offering of evidence of the ability to assess economic trends almost requires a complete thesis all by itself. An awareness of the many variables associated with prediction and evaluation of the economy certainly makes one better equipped to make quality decisions, yet those same variables are better considered “interpretable” in that particular variable weighting [of predictive value] can change a forecast significantly.

    I find, as I peruse the documents et al. created for my graduate courses, that I cannot offer any writing that demonstrates an “…ability to assess regional, national and global economic trends on business and society.” Indeed, I do not believe the particular criterion has been requested or required of most students in the Thomas MBA program.

    However, as I mentioned in the post “I Get It!”, I do have the sense that I have gained “…significant appreciation of the relationship of…levels of economic trends on the business environment.” Required readings and exercises in the course EC551 Economic Systems (for example) allowed me the opportunity to revisit classic behavioral literature in the context of the empirical examination of economic behavior, which further gave me a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of the human, economic, and financial components as they specifically relate to the local and global economies. Simply, I was allowed to expand my thinking about the economy out and beyond my own “little world”.

    This excerpt from my paper “Are protectionist policies bad for America?”, written as a requirement for EC551, somewhat demonstrates my ability to attempt to understand different ways of thinking about economic impact. http://www.schoolstreetwest.com/BurnhamAcademic/EC551_Protectionism.pdf. I presented this paper in fulfillment of the requirement of an “oral presentation” in the same course; the notes for that talk can be found via http://www.schoolstreetwest.com/BurnhamAcademic/EC551_Protectionism_presentationNotes.pdf

    Comment by Colleen Burnham — March 27, 2009 @ 12:29 pm

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